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An electronic medical record (EMR) is a software application that facilitates the collection of patients’ medical data by healthcare providers.  This decreases overhead and increases efficiency and productivity.  Our EMR is an Application Service Provider (“ASP”), which provides remote access to multiple users from multiple locations via PCs securely connected through the Internet.


Some of the advantages we offer include but are not limited to:  

  • Ability to customize the EMR with your forms
  • Increase bottom line - by reducing overhead and by maximizing the efficient use of manpower.
  • Accessibility – you decide who have access to what data in the medical record
  • Lower implementation cost - all you need is a computer, signature pad and desire to make the change
  • Compliance - our routine operations comply with the HIPAA security requirements.
  • Easier accessibility of data at multiple locations – no charge per user, etc
  • Security & Privacy of Medical Records - our encoding protocols are reliable and a vital part of our operations.
  • Security and redundancy - our system is located in a Category 5 bunker which is a professionally managed data centers with high level data security systems in place, independent generators and back up very day.

Click on the “EMR Video Demo” link to see what our EMR is all about.  Evidently, we can’t show all the features in a 3 minutes video, but it will give you an idea.  It may take 45 seconds to upload, depending on your connection speed.