Billing and Consulting
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In a legitimate effort to be transparent with our clients, this section was created for them to log in and get their billing reports.  Clients are notified via e-mail when reports are uploaded.  These reports are generated in two formats (pdf and txt).  Reports include but are not limited to:

  • Transmission - every time we transmit claims a detailed report gets generated,
  • Receivable – to check status of claims and follow ups,
  • Remittances Advice (RA) – we download these RA to post payment against the receivable;
  • Postings - at the beginning of every month a report is created showing payment posted for the previous months, this is use to support the amount we invoice our associates,
  • ADR – to know the history status of claims pulled for medical review; and
  • Any other report as requested by client - We may also be able to customize report based on clients needs.

Reports can be saved and renamed in clients PC; or printed (if desired).